Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year TheatreUNCA continues to advance the mission of the Drama Department at the UNC Asheville, which is to provide a holistic theatre education with the goal of producing creative, knowledgeable, and collaborative theatre artists who understand their responsibilities to their community, their art, and their personal growth. The Drama Department promotes theatre through an integrative approach to course work and productions that challenge, enlighten, and engage our students and community.

TheatreUNCA continues to foster well-rounded artist-thinkers who embrace inventive collaboration and creative inquiry, while exhibiting embodied knowledge and skillful expression of ideas in their creation of various theatrical forms, recognizing how powerfully their art can affect society.

With the help of donations and production sponsorships we can continue to meet the needs of our students and provide necessary improvements in our department. Won’t you consider being a sponsor or giving a tax-deductible donation to TheatreUNCA?

  • Featured Sponsor for the Full Run of a Show – Lobby signs designating your sponsorship, opportunity for sales in the lobby, tax-deductible donation receipt, full page ad in the program, special thanks listing, recognition during curtain speeches, opportunity for program inserts, complimentary tickets (up to 6 per production)

$500 for Featured Sponsor of one show; $1150 for Featured Sponsorship for the full season

  • Engraved Brass Seat Plaque – A custom engraved 2″x 4″ brass plaque will be engraved with your name, or your company’s name, and if you are a UNC Asheville Alumnus, your graduation season is also added to the engraving. The plaque will be attached to the arm of a seat (of your choice, depending on availability) in the Carol Belk Theatre. Your personally engraved seat will be reserved for you for any TheatreUNCA performances you attend in the future.

$300 per seat plaque

  • 1/2 Page Ad Sponsor – 1/2 page ad in the program, tax-deductible donation receipt, special thanks listing, complimentary tickets (up to 4 per production)

$200 for one show, $460 for season

  • 1/4 Page Ad Sponsor – 1/4 page ad in the program, tax-deductible donation receipt, special thanks listing, complimentary tickets (up to 2 per production)

$100 for one show; $230 for season

  • Friend of TheatreUNCA – listed in the program as a Friend of TheatreUNCA, tax-deductible donation receipt, 1 complimentary ticket per production

$50 for semester, $115 for season