TheatreUNCA – Fall 2020 Performances

Antigone - A Radio Drama Podcast

Available for FREE streaming Oct. 18-25, 2020

This all-student performance will be directed by senior Bri Stewart, and will feature a new translation and adaptation by UNC Asheville students working under Sophie Mills, professor of classics. The play chronicles Antigone’s decision to bury her deceased brother – a former ruler killed in battle against a rival for the throne – despite a decree by the new king that he be neither mourned nor buried.

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Bonus Event: November 2 at 6 p.m. - A Festival Dionysion-themed Listening Party - more details coming soon.

Pandemic Theatre Project - August 18-November 6: Mondays & Thursdays

The Pandemic Theatre Project is led by Adjunct Professor Aaron Snook and co-founder of the American Myth Center. This project invites an ensemble of theatre artists to transform the rehearsal room into a Theatrical Laboratory, which will investigate new forms of theatre-making inspired by old forms. Interested students, staff and faculty may apply. Audiences will be invited to attend and give feedback on various performance experiments happening throughout the semester.

As to the raw material for this investigation, we will be using Arthur Miller's All My Sons. In the first part, while we research old forms, we will read, table, and interrogate this canonical work within the context of America today. In the second part, we will use scenes from this work to perform our experiments. In the third part, we will envision what a fully-staged production of this play would look like in Pandemic Theatre.

Visit the project website to learn more.

Hatch(ed) Dance Performance - Saturday, November 7

Time: TBD, Lipinsky Auditorium

This socially-distanced in-person event is only open to the UNCA campus community, but we hope to offer a live-streaming option for the public.

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