TheatreUNCA 2023-2024 Mainstage Season

Carol Belk Theater

No Exit

by Jean Paul Sartre

Directed by Aaron Snook, Curator of American Myth Center

February 29-March 3

Synopsis: Three people are locked in a room together with no windows and no mirrors. They all carry secrets of life and death. As the past rears up, the present becomes hell.

Run Time: 90 minutes, no intermission





Sincerely, The Egg

Two shows in one performance event

April 18-21

Approximate run time: 90 minutes, including a 15-minute intermission




Written & Directed by Mack Moseley (class of 2024)

Synopsis: “Sincerely,” is an experimental play exploring what it means to live in the world (as we perceive it to be) with sincerity. This collage-style theatre piece lives on a continuum from the sincere & real to the superficial & performed. It analyzes, empathizes with, and mocks our need to control how we are perceived. The play begins with warmth, vulnerability, & innocence and increasingly degenerates as it reveals characters with more complex relationships to their perceptions of self and reality. As it moves from the innocent and sincere to the depraved and complicated, the language and stories grow increasingly absurd. These stories, told in short scenes, involve different clown-like characters isolated in their experiences of connection & wrestling with reality. Scenes involve a murderous water aerobics enthusiast, newly therapized lesbians, self righteous allyship, and unexpected existential ponderings. Many moments throughout the play, the characters are in conversation with the audience, have an awareness of the actor playing them, sing songs, play games, and engage the audience’s senses in addition to their intellect.



The Egg

Original short story written by Andy Weir

Adapted & Directed by Alex McFadden

Synopsis: “The Egg” follows an individual's experience with the afterlife upon their death. A being that the individual meets is identified as god who explains to them how they died in a car accident. This being then goes on to explain how the person will be reincarnated, losing their memories in the process. This, of course, wouldn’t be the first time, as they have been reincarnated many times according to the entity. Upon realizing that their next incarnation will be a peasant in 540 A.D., our protagonist questions the possibility of multiple incarnations of themself existing at the same time, and whether or not they may have interacted with themself before. The god finally admits to the individual that it’s more common than they think; Not only is everyone they’ve ever interacted with an incarnation of themself, but so is every human that has ever existed. Once they have experienced every human life there is to live, then they will finally be able to join this being in the next stage of existence. The universe is simply an egg.


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